Espresso Club works closely with Grand Cafe to create a premium and delicious cafe experience. We want to capture the feel of our cafe in your home or office. We started the cafe years ago and have received international acclaim. Now it’s time we take our store and put it in every home and business.

There is an international feel to our company. While we are based in the US, we have combed the world for the finest coffee beans grown in North and South America, India and Africa before roasting them to perfection.

The road from the coffee trees to our pods is a highly selective one, to assure consistency in taste and aroma. Each pod is filled to the brim with seven grams of the best quality coffee, selected specifically from four different geographical locations. Our capsules are infused with passion and are purposed to give our customers the ultimate taste experience.

We bonded with coffee long before cafes became trendy. Our love affair with good coffee has been ongoing and stems from our avid love of the taste and aroma. We have translated our passion into a business when we opened Grande Cafe Hollywood five years ago, where our extensive coffee menu is a signature of our popular European Style restaurant. Our customers enjoy our coffee every day, the cafe has been voted Best Coffee House in South Florida for the past two years in a row.

Coffee is literally an excuse to take a break from life. Now you can enjoy the GRAND coffee experience in the comfort of your home or office. Our machines are designed to consistently recreate the perfect cup of coffee every time you brew.